SMR: The Sephardi/Mizrahi Review is a new quarterly publication, online and print editions, launching in 2002/2003.

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SMR: The Sephardi/Mizrahi Review is a proposed quarterly journal to be sponsored by the New Association of Sephardi/Mizrahi Artists & Writers International (, providing we can prove that there is a genuine interest in, and support available for, such a publication.

SMR proposes to focuse on the art, culture and oral history of the Spanish/Portuguese Jews and their descendants, and Jews of the Middle East/West Asia. SMR includes creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, art and lifestyle articles, devoted to exploring both contemporary life and traditional cultures of the Sephardim/Mizrahim.

SMR seeks essays, articles, interviews, reviews, short fiction, poetry, art, photography, music and video for use in its online version, accessible and downloadable in PDF format and printable for all subscribers. A print-only version will go to member/subscribers of the association.

SMR will be funded in part by private foundations, and plans to accept additional sponsorship through grants, appropriate corporate donors, and organizational charitable contributions.

For Writers Guidelines and all other questions, write to .