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Sephardic & Middle Eastern Cultures

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New Association of Sephardi/Mizrahi Artists & Writers International

New York Times
Victor Perera, Who Wrote of Sephardic Jews and Mayas

Los Angeles Times
Victor Perera, Underdog Champion & Co-founder, Dies at 69

San Francisco Chronicle
Perera, Chronicler of the Oppressed

Metro San Jose
Perera Nurtured Idealism in his Readers and Students

Tributes to Victor Perera

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Victor Perera Memorial in Los Angeles, July 27, 2003

Press Release About July 27, 2003


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Ismi poetry anthology-Sephardi/Mizrahi/Middle Eastern
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Ruth Behar's Adio Kerida

  Sephardic Cuba

Why We Do Not Need Modern Orthodoxy—or Any Orthodoxy
Sunlight and Shadow, the Jews of Islam - Book Review

Reflections of An Arab Jew by Ella Shohat
In Praise of Empathy by Jordan Elgrably
52 Essential Books by David Shasha
Sephardic Women Poets by Rahel Musleah

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"Open Your Heart" Benefit Raises Thousands
for Victor Perera
in SF Bay Area

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