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  • INTERN WANTED FOR LOS ANGELES CHAPTER  Motivated intern to work in head office will assist executive director and assisant director, interfacing with the Sephardic and general Jewish community, as well as other ethnic communities in Southern California. Work with artists and writers, help organize stimulating cultural programs. Must be organized, pro-active, and creative, with good writing skills.  Email , or call (323) 650-3157.



  • ARTISTS WANTED  Artist Lidia Shaddow, with her own studio gallery in Canoga Park, seeks artists ,genuine, authentic,with a strong sense of culture and communication represented in the art work, to showcase in her window every month. She calls it the "Drive Thrue Window." Interested artists can , or call (818) 704-7207.


  • Ivri-NASAWI is an avant garde Jewish arts organization with a focus on Sephardi and Mizrahi cultures, serving both professional artists and writers, and the lay public interesting in learning more about Sephardi/Mizrahi history, culture and contemporary creativity. We seek a positive, energetic and organized person who is at least in part Sephardi and/or Mizrahi, with extensive experience in one or more of the following areas: Jewish community, publishing or other communications media, music, museum or art organization. Someone with an interest in promoting a new and heightened awareness of the Sephardi or Mizrahi Jewish contribution to both the Jewish narrative and mainstream culture, with a flare for community relations, is ideal. Program director position requires about 5-10 hours per week plus a monthly meeting and one monthly event on average. Compensation and benefits. Send resume/bio and cover letter to Search Committee, Ivri-NASAWI, N. Orlando Ave., Los Angeles CA 90069. Email your queries and qualifications to Myra Lappin, M.D., at   Visit www.ivri-nasawi.org.


  • The Institute for the Study of Jewish Heritage in Egypt is currently in formation. Joe Barda, from Australia, has been appointed to chair the international fundraising committee. He would like to hear from all Jews from Egypt who wish to make a contribution which will help to:

  • finance the institute
  • promote the research and documentation of this history
  • enable scholars and writers to complete works in progress
  • underwrite the creation of audio-visual oral history documents
  • establish international academic links
  • provide access to students and researchers to the Institute's scholarship fund



    Please contact Joe Barda, at for more info.




    Wanted: Egyptian Jewish writers. Most of you either grew up in Egypt or your parents did, and now, with the cold Israel-Egypt peace, it is a propitious time to begin thinking about reconciliation.

    Toward that end, Ivri-NASAWI is soliciting from each of you a short personal essay on Jewish life in Egypt, or Egyptian Jewish life in the diaspora, an essay which can then be translated into Arabic and published in one of the larger Cairo dailies. Our member Leah Harris is going back to live in Cairo shortly, and she will get the essay translated and placed with an editor.

    We can also work to place English-languages pieces in the English-language press in Cairo, such as the Middle East Times. Any outreach to help today's Egyptians know about Egyptian Jewry is a positive step. Our intent is simply to educate the non-Jewish Egyptian population, and to open up channels of communication between Arabs/Muslims and Jews. Some of you have not returned to Egypt, others have. We would all like to go and find friends to welcome us.

    Please write editor@www.ivri-nasawi.org with any questions. Essays should be from 500-1000 words long.

    Also, by the way, we are revamping our website, and at the end of September we will post an entire Egypt section, so that there will be a forum for Egyptian Jewish culture and art where we can post these essays. They can be accompanied by photographs.




    The Holy Letters,a collection of poems by  Nancy Shiffrin,  is available from
    greatunpublished.com. Through CREATIVE WRITING SERVICES  A Literary
    Arts Consultancy, the author helps aspiring writers achieve publication and personal
    satisfaction.  Contact her at POB 1506 Santa Monica, CA 90406.




    Esther Gunther focuses on labor certification, employment visas, credential evaluations (certification laboral, visas para profesionales, credeniales academicas: SE HABLA ESPANOL) in the law practice of Sanford H. Cohen. Offices in West L.A. and the Valley.
    Call Esther, 818-713-1942 or the Marina del Rey office at 310-302-9224.




    A specialist on Sephardic music, Ramón Tasat thrills audiences with his magnificent tenor voice and unforgettable guitar arrangements. From A Concert for Peace to Lullabies in Jewish Tradition, and Echoes of Sepharad to The Music of Modern Israel, Ramón offers lectures and programs with warmth and a voice that fills sanctuaries and hearts with ruach and joy. Contact Dr. Tasat via email at .




    Songs! Mother and daughter, Canadian ethnomusicologist Dr Judith Cohen and  Tamar (14): Judeo-Spanish (Ladino); medieval Spain/Portugal; Portuguese Crypto-Jewish villages; Balkans, other Sephardi diasporas;pan-European ballads. Learned first-hand; presented as concert or lecture-recital; traditional style; regional instruments; lively anecdotes, knowledgeable commentary. Fieldwork video excerpts possible; can be in Spanish. Write judithc@yorku.ca.




    If you are an author, musician/composer or filmmaker and would like your work included in our databases; or if you would simply like something you have enjoyed reading, listening to or watching included in our new databases, please submit all relevant details to the appropriate party: (Books) Gloria Levitas, , (Music), Jordan Elgrably, , (Film) Joyce Allegra Maio, .For example, with books please give us author, title, publisher, date,price, ISBN number.

    If possible, it would be nice to have a brief (very brief) description of the books or articles if the title itself does not reveal the subject. All of this information will be culled and posted here on the web site in the coming weeks.



    announcement and call for papers

    The thirteenth annual conference of the Midwest Jewish Studies Association (MJSA) will be held October 28-29, 2001 at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago.

    All interested scholars and professionals of Jewish Studies, including advanced graduate students, are cordially invited to submit proposals for papers, presentations, and workshops. Proposals may be for complete sessions or for individual papers. Individuals willing to chair a session (rather than give a paper) are invited to submit a curriculum
    vitae, with an indication of areas of expertise.

    The conference welcomes proposals in all areas of Jewish Studies: from any discipline (history, philosophy, literature, religion, sociology, music, etc.) and from any time period (ancient to contemporary). The MJSA encourages panelists to address pedagogical aspects of their topics, and papers centered on pedagogical issues are most welcome.

    The deadline for the submission of proposals for individual papers or complete sessions is May 1, 2001. Please direct all inquiries and submissions to:

    Dean Bell, MJSA Program Chair
    Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies
    618 S. Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Phone: (312) 322-1791
    Fax: (312) 922-6406
    e-mail: dbell@spertus.edu

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