Available Features

The Shas Revolution by Sami Shalom Chetrit
Shas and the Struggle for Sephardic Humanism by Jordan Elgrably
Teaching Democracy and Co-Existence in the West Bank by Brett Kline
The Sephardim Today by David Shasha

The Levantine Project is a new syndication feature which markets original and retooled articles, essays, and op-ed pieces to the Jewish, Middle Eastern and mainstream press.

We will also market on occasion drawings, cartoons, photography and fine art.

The Levantine Project has as its objective to offer alternative educational reports and views on matters of concern to the
Jewish, mainstream and Middle Eastern communities.

We deliberately call it "Levantine" in favor of the Levantine spirit. Although this term was used pejoratively by the
founding fathers of Israel, it is indicative of the kind of pluralistic, cooperative society which Israel might
aspire to become, as a country integral to the Middle East mosaic.

We seek original work of 750-1,500 words (longer only in special cases), and we are able to take your longer, scholarly
essays and edit them for wider distribution in more condensed form. Interviews, journalistic feature stories, first-person travel pieces, op-eds and most other non-fiction formats are welcome.

Subjects include Jewish culture and identity, Israel, the peace process, culture in the Arab world, violence in the
American media and entertainment industry; in short, anything that may be of concern to both Jews and other Americans.

We will split any proceeds from sales 50/50 with the writers of work we market. Our syndication rates are sliding
scale according to the circulation and frequency of the publication where the piece appears.

Please mail a hard copy to the address below and email an electronic file to .
If you have more than one piece available, please provide an inventory with a two-sentence descriptive.
Tell us whether the piece has been published before and where. (In some cases, we may
be able to translate work from French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic.)

Query with your story ideas.

Jordan Elgrably
the Levantine Project

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