Poetry of Peace: Spiritual Music of the Middle East

Ivri-NASAWI, Middle East Peace Network and Gate Productions

in conjunction with the
World Festival of Sacred Music-the Americas
The Poetry of Peace, Spiritual Music of the Middle East

Saturday, Oct. 16, 1999

With Omar Faruk Tekbilek
and special guest artist
Ali Jihad Racy

with special guest Jai Uttal

Omar Faruk Tekbilek is a master interpreter of Sufi, folk and contemporary Turkish and Middle Eastern music. Faruk, as he is popularly known, has a wide following throughout the Middle East and in the United States.  He is often seen as a peace messenger and believes in playing with musicians of different cultures.  As the four corners of his creativity, Faruk enumerates mysticism, folklore, romance and imagination.  He is joined by special guest Ali Jihad Racy on oud and violin. Recently Sheva, Faruk and Uttal recorded a peace song in Arabic, Hebrew and Sanskrit, which they will perform on this occasion.

Sheva, an ensemble from Israel, performs transformative world music from the ancient cultures of the Middle East.  Playing instruments from around the world, Sheva uses motifs derived from the roots of Hebrew and Arab cultures, while also incorporating various worldwide tribal esthetics. Sheva is joined by special guest star Jai Uttal. 

This concert was produced by Ivri-NASAWI and Gate Productions. It was co-sponsored by the Middle East Peace Network and Open Tent, L.A.'s Middle East Coalition, with additional support from Richard Goodwin.  It was made possible in part by generous support from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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