Gregory Orfalea

Web Rung With Water Straddles the Forehead
On the way to work:  awake!
Startled by the cold of it,
the fact that you can't hold,
but that it is work,

it has touched you
where you live and plot.
All this work of mine take
to mind.  You destroyed

weavings of a whole night.
The least you can do is remember
you are not where you are going,
the world is still alive.

Gregory Orfalea has written several books, two of poetry, and edited Grape Leaves: A Century of Arab American Poetry (Interlink Books).  The subject of his last book, Messengers of the Lost Battalion: the Heroic 551st and the Turning of the Tide at the Battle of the Bulge will be featured on The History Channel in Fall 2000.


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